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We connect and turn data into meaning

Save Money and make sense of your telecoms infrastructure by bringing Segmentation Group into your business or organisation.

Our team of technical specialists have the expertise in all areas of telecommunications, suppliers and technology. Let’s start with a chat about how we can work with your organisation to streamline your telecoms infrastructure, make it more effective and save you money.
Through our legacy and vast years of experience and knowledge in the Telecoms industry, we know who, what, where, why and how.

Our analysts carry out forensic investigations armed with a specific plan.
Through familiarity they recognise patterns and intricacies to draw out the necessary data. Translating the information into sense through years of experience, understanding and implementation.

Ask the question, what is it that your organisation desires or needs? Why not allow us to assist your organisation, connect this information and show you something structured and logical from which to work.

We are completely objective – our remit is to guide you in making your telecoms infrastructure streamlined, fit for purpose and cost-effective.
We start by producing a ‘Telecoms Network Audit’ for your organisation which outlines how your organisation uses all its telecoms. This allows you to take advantage of our specialist services to help you gain best value from your telecoms equipment, services and suppliers.

From retrospective cost recovery, negotiating on your behalf to get the right suppliers at the best tariffs through to future-proofing your telecoms infrastructure. We even provide ongoing management services.

The Segmentation Group keep you in constant control of your telecoms infrastructure and expenditure.


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