Why Us

Why Choose Segmentation Group?

Our services revolve around reducing and managing your telecoms costs.

Why Choose Segmentation?
Our services revolve around reducing and managing your telecoms costs and future proofing your organisation in relation to telecoms technology.

It used to be so easy, you had a telephone system, lines that came in and out of your building and extensions for everyone to use. There were fax machines, mobile phones and maybe a handful of suppliers to choose from.

Nowadays, there are so many other elements to think about, making telephone calls over the internet, whether to integrate voice and data over a single network, use an iPhone, Android or a Windows Phone. Hardware and Maintenance costs, per minute call charges, capped calling rates, call bundles, pay as you go deals, term and volume discounts and minimum commitments and constant changes to telephone numbering, never mind the plethora of suppliers and carriers constantly offering to save you money.

It can still be easy. We know there isn’t a Confused.com, Go Compare, or a Compare the Market for your telecoms questions, but here at Segmentation Group, our aim is to solve these problems for you.

Pass the management of your telecoms to us and we’ll guide you through this minefield, leaving you free to concentrate on your day to day role and free from the diversions of investigating this yourself.

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