Cost Savings

Cost Savings

As a Knowledge Partner, Segmentation enables clients to better understand their telecoms infrastructure, achieve far greater cost control, reduce overall cost of ownership and improve business performance through more effective use of communications.

It is frequently the case that organisations have grown their telecommunications on an ‘as needed’ basis, without questioning the way in which telecoms technologies are researched, procured, ordered, used or even billed for.
This ad-hoc approach tends to lead to a lack of cohesion in suppliers, contracts, hardware and the capacity for growth. All this adds up an organisation unnecessarily squandering hard-earned cash.

As a knowledge partner, Segmentation has the knowledge to quickly help you improve your business and achieve meaningful cost savings. We also know how to implement telecommunication strategies that last.

Success Blueprint

Your business could be paying far too much for your fixed, mobile and data costs. Segmentation Group are the only company that guarantees to save your business at least 15% on telecommunication costs. There are three ways in which Segmentation works with an organisation to ensure it is operating cost effectively:


Are you obtaining value for money?
Are you paying for infrastructure you don’t need?
How much of your usage is internal?
What proportion of your bills represents personal use?


We produce a clear and detailed report of all the areas of your telecommunications, along with advice and guidance on what measures could be put in place to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Segmentation work with you, negotiating on your behalf with clients ensuring you have the best deal, most appropriate for your organisation.
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