Retrospective Audit & Cost Recovery

Retrospective Audit & Cost Recovery

Over the years, all of the major telecoms companies have encountered a great deal of change. This has regularly affected organisations as their Account Team personnel have changed and suppliers have opted to carry out more desk based Account Management to reduce cost.

As such, many organisations have greatly suffered because of this, by not being given the best advice, or being made aware of the best solutions, or tariffs available.

A Retrospective Audit of historical supplier billing for telecom services can identify overcharging arising from failures to apply appropriate tariffs or discounts, errors in calculation or payment, suppliers charging for products and services that do not exist, or charging the wrong rates for products and services that do exist.

A historic billing audit will highlight areas where you may have been previously overcharged and includes checks to the following elements as a sample of what we investigate: –

  •   Connection charges
  •   Negotiated/contracted rates
  •   Minimum charges
  •   Call set up costs
  •   Rentals and maintenance
  •   Wrongly applied charges
  •   Duplicate charging
Incorrect charging may have occurred across any area of your telecoms estate, for example: –

  •   PSTN Calls & Rental Charges
  •   Equipment Rental & Maintenance Charges
  •   Private Circuits, Leased Line or VPN Network Charges
  •   Freefone or other Non Geographic Inbound Number Services
  •   Mobile Charges for Voice or Data Services
However, if overcharging has taken place, we can negotiate with your suppliers to ensure you obtain the relevant refunds.

Contact us to discuss whether we can obtain a refund for your organisation.
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